PLOUTOZ comes from the Greek god of wealth, PLOUTOS. At first he was solely concerned with agricultural bounty but later came to represent wealth in general. Ploutos was usually depicted as a boy holding a cornucopia full of grain that symbolizes wealth.

What is PLOUTOZ?

The world’s first EOS Ecosystem Eerivatives Marketplace provides EOS Public Chain Token Derivatives Trading to the long-tail market of cryptocurrencies.

Hedging market for EOS token

Long-tail market of cryptocurrency

Based on EOS Ecosystem

Our Vision

Every Crypto Asset Can be Hedged


Customized Service

PLOUTOZ offers Customized Designed Derivatives Product for EOS public chain tokens.

EOS Public Chain

EOS Ecosystem Derivatives Marketplace is the Blue Ocean Market which has large market share.

System Safety

In terms of system security, PLOUTOZ strictly monitors and prohibits internal improper operation, such as price control, money laundering, etc.

System Design

In terms of system design, it meets the trading requirements of both individuals and enterprises.

Matching system

Our matching engine is capable of sustaining 1,000,000 orders / second. Traders never be stuck due to the overwhelmed matching engine.

Technical team

PLOUTOZ technical team has wealth of experience in risk management system for financial services.

Our goal

PLOUTOZ focuses on the development and service of EOS public chain ecosystem derivatives, through customized rules design, enhanced liquidity and risk management, to meet the demand of users and achieve full cryptocurrencies risk hedging.